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Web Developer - html, css, js, php

Web Samurai

Junior Developer

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about me

Danil Shadrin

I live in Ukraine, in the city of Dnepr. I am 25 years old. Practical experience in web development for 5 months. I've been learning to create sites for more than one year and continue to improve. I'm interested follow the news in the field of web security. Cheerful, resourceful, attentive.

Completed the course in the company softserve in the direction of JS core. Completed an individual course on creating sites in school easycode. Higher economic education. Secondary technical education for the direction of economy and business.

html - One year of website development.

css - One year of experience in animation and positioning.

js - Connect scripts, modify/write new scripts.

php - Initial skills, work experience of less than a year.

WordPress - Configure/modify themes. Create new themes/plugins.

my works

Evoxlab web desing studio
Cripto bank
Skillbox 3 days intensive
SmartSofts Desing

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